Eco-friendly Manufacture

Raw materials for LSZH cable production are eco-friendly base.
Quality Guaranteed

LSZH cables are available with third-party verification listed.
Best Service

Prompt shipment delivery and immediate customer RFQ reply.
Sophisticated Equipments

The factory possesses over 25 production lines, which are equipped with sophisticated machines.

Precision Quality Control

QA engineers manage strict quality inspection over manufactured cable specification.
UL Listed Halogen Free Cable

UL Style Number

Rated TemperatureRated VoltageType
UL20850Multicore, FR-PE Sheathed80°C300VHalogen Free Cable
UL20152Extremely Resilient90°C120V, 240V, 300VHalogen Free Spring Cable
UL20197US Customer Preferred80°C30VHalogen Free Spring Cable
UL20549TPEE Insulated Conductors80°C300VLSZH Complied Spring Cable
UL20327TPE Elastomer Sheathed105°C300VLSZH Spring Cable
UL20854Electric Power Control 80°C300VLSZH Cable
UL20866Anti Fatigue, Durable80°C300VN‍o Halogen Spring Cable
UL20868Low Voltage Wiring75°C30VLSZH Cable
UL20978Easy Operation, Convenient80°C300V‍Halogen-free Spring Cable
UL21080Engine Connection75°C300V‍Low Smoke No Halogen Cable
UL21030Tailored Made, Elastic60°C, 80°C300VCustom Spring Cable

LSZH cable stands for a cable with limited low smoke and no halogen emitted when exposed to high sources of heat. We are majored in design and develop of various LSZH cable and LSZH compliant spring cable. Our main products, halogen free cable and spring cable, are widely used in handsets, automation industries, electronic facilities, and military.
LSZH cables are made with top-grade materials like high purity copper conductors and 100% eco-friendly insulation. All the LSZH cables are guaranteed to be RoHS compliant.
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